Journal Articles and Papers

The text you submit to editors and evaluated by peer reviewers in your field. The outcome: a scientific publication.

Submitting texts to a journal article that have already gone through editing and proofreading greatly increases the chance of your paper being selected for peer review. Science writing is not only about language, but also about clear communication, educational value, the dissemination of the content. We edit your text for all the aforementioned qualities.

Theses and Dissertations

Whether at Bachelor's, Master's or PhD level, all theses and dissertations can benefit from editing and/or proofreading

Whether at Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. level, all theses and dissertations can benefit from editing and/or proofreading. Our editors have all written these three theses or dissertations and are fully aware of the importance of this one document. Submitting a thesis or dissertation that has gone through a pre-editing phase will help you to feel more confident.


Whether a book, collection of articles, grant applications, project proposals, or scientific reports, we take your scientific requirements and goals serious.

We know that science writing does not only include the publication of articles, but also grant applications, project proposals, books, and scientific reports. We take all your text serious and we are aware that the audience for these texts are often different requiring an alternative approach to communication. We support you to find the right tone, rid the document from errors and help you meet your aims.


What do we mean by proofreading?

Difficulties with English is often rooted in cultural differences in writing than linguistic conventions. Usually, when you ask for proofreading, you get standard copy-editing. In other words, your text is proofread for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, making the document sound natural and professional, reviewing and revising consistent use of terminology. We take our proofreading slightly more serious and include reworking sentences (if needed) to improve the readability of the text and improve transition and flow. We ensure the text maintains a consistent style and reworking wordy or awkward constructions.


What do we mean by editing?

As our service extends from the Centre for Academic Writing and Communication | AVOK , we aim to make writers better writers. As such, in addition to basic proofreading plus the added reworking of sentences,  improve the readability of the text and improve transition and flow, ensure the text maintains a consistent style, and reworking wordy or awkward constructions. Your editor provides further comments and suggestions how the text can be improved overall. It is the type of editing you would expect from reviewers. The value is in the comments and suggestions plus an optional free 1h post editing consultation with the editor.


What do we mean by translation?

Translating science text requires knowledge of the science in both languages. Being situated in the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures means we have direct access to academic personnel competent to handle and translate all your texts. As such, all the text types we edit and proofread we can also translate. Although the majority of the texts we work with receive support in English, we also have expert editors and proofreaders in Estonian and other languages. This means we can offer scientific translation from a variety of languages to a target language without losing sight of the most important aim of scientific  writing.