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Our service extends from the Centre for Academic Writing and Communication | AVOK, who aim to make writers better writers. In addition to basic proofreading, we will re-work sentences to improve overall readability: transition and flow; ensure a consistent style; and reduce awkward constructions. Editing also includes comments and suggestions regarding how the text can be improved: structure; adding focus; cogency. It is the type of editing that you would expect from reviewers. The extra value over just a proofreading is in the comments and suggestions, plus an optional free 1h post editing consultation with the editor.

Difficulties with English are often rooted in cultural differences beyond simple linguistic conventions. Usually, when you ask for a proofreading, you get standard copy-editing. In other words, your text is proofread for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. We take our proofreading more seriously and include the reworking of sentences (if needed)–improving transition and flow–ensuring the text has a consistent style (including use of terminology), and reworking wordy or awkward constructions, all of which make the document read more naturally and professional.

Translating science texts requires knowledge of both languages and science. Being situated in the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, means we have direct access to academic personnel competent to handle and translate all your texts. As such, we can also translate all the text types we edit and proofread. Although the majority of the texts we work with are in English, we also have expert editors and proofreaders in Estonian and other languages. This means we can offer scientific translation from a variety of languages to a target language without losing the cogency of the writing.

We also provide training and workshops on writing and academic communication. We organise writing retreats and other instruments that support science writers with their scientific texts. Feel free to contact us with any specific requests or questions you have. We have a pool of experts at your service. Being directly linked to the Centre for Academic Writing and Communication | AVOK of the University of Tartu, means we have direct access to experts in all fields.

How does it work?

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info@keelekord.ee or call 737 6368

We will work towards your needs and deadlines. As such, we prefer direct contact with you, so we can discuss your plan for submission (journal, language, format, urgency, reviewers comments, etc.). In addition, based on the text you submit to us, we will offer a preliminary assessment on what is required and a price estimation.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are calculated according to: number of pages (1800 characters plus spaces equals a page); quality of the text (how much editing and proofreading is required); and urgency (generally we maintain a 5-7 day turnaround period).

At all times we work toward your deadlines and your needs. We always suggest providing ample time for editing and proofreading, and more importantly, for you to go through your text to implement the comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the text.
  • Editing generally falls between €9.90 and €12.90 per page.

  • Proofreading generally falls between €7.90 and €9.90 per page.

  • Translation generally falls between €13.90 and €21.90 per page.

  • For a more specific price offer, please contact us directly: info@keelekord.ee

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